StarShipSofa No 339 Brandon Sanderson

May 28, 2014 by Tony C. Smith

Coming Up

Main Fiction: Defending Elysium by Brandon Sanderson


The woman thrashed and spasmed in the hospital bed. Her dark hair was matted to her

head  with  sweat,  and  her  uncontrolled  motions  seemed  almost  epileptic.  Her  eyes,

however,  did  not  have  the  wildness  of  the  insane—instead  they  were  focused.

Determined. She was not mad; she just couldn’t control her muscles. She kept waving her

hands  in  front  of  her  with  awkward  movements,  movements  that  seemed  strangely

familiar to Jason.

And she did it all in silence, never uttering a word.

Jason switched off the holovid, then leaned back in his chair. He had watched the vid

a dozen times, but it still confused him. However, he couldn’t do anything until he arrived

at Evensong. Until then, he would simply have to bide his time.


Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Narrator: Nick Camm


  1. Nick Camm has got the sexiest voice ever!! Great narration!