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September 3, 2014 by acpracht

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Cover Art: Stephan Martiniere

Main Fiction: “The Prelate’s Commission” by Jeffrey Ford 03:30

The new fresco that graced the inner dome of the Cathedral of St. Elovisus was a masterpiece of perspective and illusion—the fall of the rebel angels into hell. They hurtled downward through an aquamarine sky swirled with pale pink clouds, their feathers disintegrating in the descent, their features growing ever more monstrous. Some, just ejected from paradise, appeared small and vastly distant, while the progressively larger ones took on weight and velocity. The largest seemed just above the viewer, desperately clawing the sky, eyes wide with the discovery of gravity, about to slam into the marble floor, which was inlaid with a deep and spiraling scene of Hell. At the center of the inner dome above was an illuminated circle where one could glimpse, as if from the bottom of a well, the enormous, angry face of God.”

Jeffrey Ford is the author of three previous story collections and eight previous novels, including the Edgar® Award-winning The Girl in the Glass and the Shirley Jackson Award-winning The Shadow Year. A former professor of writing and early American literature, Ford now writes full-time in Ohio, where he lives with his wife.

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Fact: Mr ScFi Marc Scott Zicaree 50:00

Narrator: Rajan Khanna

Rajan is a graduate of the 2008 Clarion West Writers Workshop and a member of the NY-based writing group, Altered Fluid. His fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Shimmer Magazine,GUD, and The Way of the Wizard (among others) and has received Honorable Mention in theYear’s Best Fantasy & Horror and the Year’s Best Science Fiction. He is represented by Joe Monti of the Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency.

He sometimes writes articles for and occasionally narrates podcasts for sites like PodcastleLightspeed, and Pseudopod.

Rajan also writes about wine, beer, and spirits at

He currently lives in New York.


  1. I seem to be a bit behind on my listening (today is 23rd November!), but what a great story! Jeffrey Ford is one of my heroes, a fantastic writer, and this tale is disturbing, entertaining, acidic and smart on religious hipocrisy. Great narration,also. I had to laugh at your rant about Extant, though, Tony. I just thought, “It’s okay, Tone, don’t hold anything back…just say what you mean.” Hilarious. Though I agree with you about Extant – very poor indeed. I have similar feelings about the 4400, though season two was a big improvement. Still, both series while a demanding hour or two away. Beats East Enders, anyhow.