StarShipSofa No 364 Derek Kunksen

November 26, 2014 by Jeremy Szal

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Main Fiction: Schools of Clay, by Derek Kunksen 15:30

Derek Künsken is a writer of science fiction and fantasy living in Gatineau, Québec. His fiction has appeared in Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Black Gate, On Spec, the three Escape Artists podcasts, several anthologies, and multiple times in Asimov’s. In 2012, he was short-listed for the Aurora Award and in 2013 his novelette “Way of the Needle” won the Asimov’s Award. He has a masters degree in molecular biology and a bloodline that traces its way through seven generations of Québécois.

The workers’ revolution began on the hive’s nine hundred and third day, when the Hero pulsar was above the horizon to the north. A pod of predatory shaghāl emerged from behind a small asteroid to the west. The exhaust of their thrust was shielded by their bodies, but the point shines of their souls were visible to those in the colony who had souls. The shine was just slightly blue-shifting.

Narrated by Veronica Giguere

Veronica is a narrator of many genres, most notably for the Secret World Chronicle podcast novel series and the cyberpunk noir podcast novel, Broken. She is also the voice of the Femme Phantom is the new old-time radio drama, Hidden Harbor Mysteries. She can be found at When not behind a microphone or slaving away on words, Veronica works to release her soul from academia in the pursuit of her doctorate in science education.

Fact: Science News by J J Campanella


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