StarShipSofa No 402 Stewart C. Baker and Bogi Takács

September 16, 2015 by Jeremy Szal

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Main Fiction: “Behind the First Years” by Stewart C. Baker

Originally published in Cosmos magazine

Stewart C Baker is an academic librarian, haikuist, and speculative fiction writer. His fiction and poetry has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Nature, and Flash Fiction Online, among other magazines. Stewart was born in England, has spent time in South Carolina, Japan, and California, and now lives in western Oregon with his wife and children—although if anyone asks, he’ll say he’s from the Internet. His website is

Narrated by Jonathan Danz

Jonathan Danz exists in a parallel dimension that looks suspiciously like West Virginia. When he’s not trundling over rock and root on his velocipede, he labors to hammer stories out of unruly words. With the help of his wife and daughter, he manages to keep track of his car keys, his priorities, and his mind. Should you find yourself in the dusty corners of cyberspace, you may glimpse Words and Coffee, an occasional repository of his thought-mud found at

Main Fiction: “Changing Body Templates” by Bogi Takács

Originally published in Strange Bedfellows: An Anthology of Political Science Fiction

Bogi Takács is a neutrally gendered Hungarian Jewish person who’s recently moved to the US. E has had speculative fiction and poetry published in a variety of venues like Strange Horizons, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed – Queers Destroy SF, and Apex Magazine, among others. Last year won the Strange Horizons Readers’ Poll in Poetry category with eir animated poem You Are Here / Was: Blue Line to Memorial Park. E posts SFF story and poem recommendations on Twitter on a semi-daily basis under #diversestories and #diversepoems. You can follow Bogi at @bogiperson or visit eir website at

Narrated by Nikolle Doolin

Nikolle is a writer and a voice actor. Her fiction, poetry, and plays have been published and presented; and her voice has appeared in various mediums. Nikolle has performed numerous narrations for a number of popular and award-winning podcasts, such as: The NoSleep Podcast, Far-Fetched Fables, and Tales to Terrify. She also narrates classic literature in her own podcast Audio Literature Odyssey. To learn more about Nikolle, visit her website at

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