StarShipSofa No 408 Eric James Stone and Sue Burke and Ana Matronic

October 28, 2015 by Jeremy Szal

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Ana MatronicRobot Universe

Short Fiction: “Summer Home” by Sue Burke

Originally appeared in Asimov’s.

Sue Burke was born Wisconsin and lived briefly in Texas before moving to Madrid, Spain, in 1999. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of magazines and anthologies, and she’s worked for decades as a journalist and editor. She’s also a certified Spanish-to-English translator, and her recent translations include a Angélica Gorodischer’s novel “Prodigies” published by Small Beer press, and a short story in the most recent Triangulations anthology. She attended Clarion East, and she’s a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, the American Translators Association, and the Spanish Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Association. For more about her and her writing, visit

Narrated by J. S. Arquin

J.S. Arquin is an actor, writer, musician and pessimistic optimist. He lives in Portland, Oregon and spends a large portion of his time producing The Overcast, a speculative fiction podcast featuring breathtaking stories from the Pacific Northwest and Beyond. Find it at: On iTunes:  Stitcher: And on Twitter @NWOvercast.


Interview: Kate Darling – Is It OK to Hurt Robots?


Main Fiction: “An Immense Darkness” by Eric James Stone

Originally appeared in Analog magazine.

A Nebula Award winner, Hugo Award nominee, and Writers of the Future Contest winner, Eric James Stone has had stories published in Year’s Best SF 15, Analog, Nature, and Kevin J. Anderson’s Blood Lite anthologies, among other venues.  His debut novel, a science fiction thriller titled Unforgettable, is forthcoming from Baen. One of Eric’s earliest memories is of an Apollo launch on television. Thanks to his father’s old science fiction collection, Eric grew up reading Asimov and Heinlein. Eric attended Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp and the Odyssey Writing Workshop. Eric lives in Utah.  His website is

Narrated by Rob Matheny

Rob Matheny is a producer, narrator, voice actor, blogger, writer, and podcaster from the land of food carts, microbrews and Voodoo Donuts, Portland, Oregon. As co-host of The Grim Tidings Podcast, Rob delivers a weekly dose of Grimdark to the masses. But his podcasting propagation doesn’t stop there, nay, he’s also an assistant producer for the Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast. Rob is a husband and father of four (#adult), rabbid book nerd, metalhead, geek culture enthusiast, skilled Wheel of Fortune player, and social media fiend.


Science News by J J Campanella

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