Pay Narrators

December 10, 2016 by Tony C. Smith
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We are going to pay narrators!
That is the next goal for District of Wonders.
Our new goal is now $1500 a month on Patreon – if we achieve this I will be able to pay all narrators $30 per story over all three shows – StarShipSofa, Tales To Terrify and Far Fetched Fables. I know that is not professional rates. I understand that but hopefully it is a small gesture from me for all the hard work narrators do. I will put a side another $30 if we ask someone to narrate a huge work of fiction – I think that is only right. I was intending to pay $50 but all at DoW Network have reevaluated costs – the goal was set at $1800 but this has now been readjusted. It simply would have take way too long to achieve.
Hopefully after that will come staff.
So, big question… will you help us get there?


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