StarShipSofa No 523 Gary Gibson

February 7, 2018 by Jeremy Szal
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Main Fiction: “Scienceville” by Gary Gibson

Originally published in Interzone

Gary Gibson is the author of ten novels, including Stealing Light and Final Days. His most recent novels are Extinction Game and its sequel Survival Game, about the adventures of a group of people, all of whom are the last man or woman on different alternate Earths, searching for the link that connects a string of post-apocalyptic realities. Extinction Game received a starred review from Publisher’s Weekly, indicating a book of ‘outstanding quality’. Born in Scotland, he currently resides in Taipei.

Narrated by: Thomas Pipkin

Tom works in IT at the University of Warwick where he tries to keep on top of Microsoft and all its creations. His life goes like this: Family, Cats, PC Gaming, Total War, Voice Narration, IT Trainer, Time Poverty. When Tom does get a spell from his grown up life he’s usually in his loft, lost in fantasy worlds of PC gaming, trying to record his voice without a cat shouting abuse at him.


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