StarShipSofa No 550 David Court

August 15, 2018 by Gary Dowell
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Main Fiction: “ISOL-8” by David Court

This story is original to StarShip Sofa.

David Court is a short story author and novelist, whose works have appeared in over a dozen venues
including Tales to Terrify, Visions from The Void, Fear’s Accomplice, and The Voices Within. Whilst
primarily a horror writer, he also writes science fiction, poetry and satire. His newest anthology –
Scenes of Mild Peril – is due for release in Autumn 2018 from Stitched Smile Publications.

As well as being a writer and a member of the Horror Writer’s Association, David works as a
Software Developer and lives in Coventry with his wife, three cats, and an ever-growing beard.
David’s wife once asked him if he’d write about how great she was. David replied that he would, because he specialized in short fiction. Despite that, they are still married.

He can frequently be found lurking online on twitter as @FoldsFive or at

Narrator: Nick Camm

Nick has done almost nothing else for the past 12 months other than narrate audio-books. He has not slept, eaten, felt the gentle touch of the sun, rode a bicycle, broken eggs to make an omelette, written his film script, or bought a Mark Rothko fridge magnet. He did, however, find time to get a couple of tattoos. There’s always time for tattoos.
The books he narrated were almost exclusively crime-fiction. Professionally, sci-fi still eludes him. He doesn’t know why.


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