StarShipSofa No 588 Aaron Emmel

May 15, 2019 by Gary Dowell

Main Fiction: “The Engineers of Abundance” by Aaron Emmel

This story was first published in Empyreome (October 1, 2018).

Aaron Emmel ’s stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Thanks to the patience of his wonderful wife, and despite the impatience of his wonderful children, Aaron also writes essays, graphic novels, and interactive fiction. Find him online at

Narrated by: Anthony Babington

Anthony Babington is an aspiring voice actor, who looks just slightly off from how he sounds. From his secret volcano lair in Minnesota he narrates podcasts, and leases his soul to corporate America. He has previously recorded for Far Fetched Fables and The Cursed Inn. He can be found on Twitter as @AlephBaker.

Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H Sturgis


  1. Loved this episode and appreciated the insights of Amy H. Sturgis as well. In this decade the economy of the United States of America may be recovering but, there are many, many citizens- even celebrities in Hollywood- living job to job, contract to contract, so perhaps there is a secret ‘Portal’ harvesting goods from the post-apocalyptic future of Earth!

  2. I am confuzeled, I think I know what happens, or doesn’t; but am not sure. Not that I am especially perceptive in my dotage, that is not an avatar to the left it’s my photo.