StarShipSofa No 592 Jennifer R. Donohue

June 12, 2019 by Jeremy Szal
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Main Fiction: “Daddy’s Girl” by Jennifer Donohue

Originally published in Syntax and Salt

Jennifer R. Donohue grew up at the Jersey Shore and now lives in central New York with her husband and her Doberman, where she works at her local library and facilitates a writing workshop. Her work has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Escape Pod, Truancy, Luna Station Quarterly, and elsewhere. Her novella “Run With the Hunted” is available on most digital platforms. She tweets @AuthorizedMusin.  

Narrated by: Heather Thomas

Heather slings jewelry by day but is an aspiring voice actor by night. In her high school years she was classically trained in opera, but now just mostly sings karaoke. Heather’s other narrations can be found on other fine podcasts such as The Simply Scary Podcast, the Creepy podcast, The Wicked Library, The Lift, Tales to Terrify, and PseudoPod. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her 2 evil cats, Muffin and Banana.

Fact: Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H Sturgis


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