StarShip Sofa No 606 Garrett Croker

October 2, 2019 by Gary Dowell
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“The White Bear Problem: Everything You Need to Know About Raising a Telepath in the Modern Age” by Garrett Croker

This story is original to StarShip Sofa

Garrett Croker lives and writes in the San Francisco Bay Area. His fiction has appeared on Pseudopod and The NoSleep Podcast, and in Aliterate Magazine, Factor Four Magazine, and various anthologies. Find him on Curious Fictions or follow him on Twitter at @GarrettCroker.

Narrated by Eric Luke

Eric Luke is the screenwriter of the Joe Dante film Explorers, which is currently in development as a remake, the comic books Ghost and Wonder Woman, and wrote and directed the Not Quite Human films for Disney TV. His current project Interference, a meta horror audiobook about an audiobook… that kills, is available free on iTunes and at


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