StarShipSofa No 644 Paul Alex Gray

October 7, 2020 by Gary Dowell
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Main Fiction: “Battle Borne Dreams Never Die” by Paul Alex Gray

This story previously appeared in Broadswords and Blasters (July 2019).

Paul Alex Gray writes linear and interactive fiction starring sentient black holes, wayward sea monsters, curious AIs and more. His work has been published in Nature Futures, Andromeda Spaceways, PodCastle, and others. Paul grew up by the beaches of Australia, then traveled the world and now lives in Canada with his family. On his adventures, Paul has been a startup founder, game designer, and mentor to technology entrepreneurs. Chat with him on Twitter @paulalexgray or visit

Narrated by: Anthony Babington

Anthony Babington is an aspiring voice actor, who looks just slightly off from how he sounds. From his secret volcano lair in Minnesota he narrates podcasts, and leases his soul to corporate America. He has previously recorded for Far Fetched Fables, Tales to Terrify, and The Cursed Inn. He can be found on Twitter as @AlephBaker.

Vital: The Future of Healthcare (2020)

The Science Fiction anthology to cure our unhealthy dystopia.


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