StarShipSofa No 685 Karl El-Koura

May 4, 2022 by fred
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StarShipSofa new editor: Nick Mamatas

Main Fiction: “The Undertow Jackpot” by Karl El-Koura.

This story first appeared in Issue 3 (August 2016) of Compelling Science Fiction.

Karl El-koura is a writer from Canada.

Narrated by: Will Stagl.

Will Stagl lives in Tucson Arizona where he works as a creative professional by day and as a songwriter and musician with his band mate Stacey by night. Together they are the Liquid Centers. At the moment he’s probably reading or re-reading Leviathan Falls by Jame SA Corey and mourning the end of a great sci fi series.

Robbie Sheerin: Tales From Another Dimension


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