StarShipSofa No 688 Chris R. Young

June 15, 2022 by nick

Main Fiction: “Hellscraper” by Chris R. Young

This story is original to StarShipSofa.

Join Chris on a haphazard journey through his own head as he encounters idiot villains, talking animal detectives, quirky multi-dimensional office staff, time traveling thugs bent on plagiarism, and stories that may or may not mean something. He’s written a few short stories, novellas and novels over the years, including the story “A Talk With Death” (Paperclips: New Writers from Strathclyde, 1992), the novel Tokyomares (self-published, 2003) and his Jake Jones novellas The Old Mice Killer (2017) and The Coffee Cup Killer (2020). He’s also written a few film scripts, including Tough Gig (2006), Ripped (2012), and Remote Crime Scene (2020). He’s currently working on Jake Jones’s next adventure The Luminari, and an amusing script called What The Maid Sawed. Follow his blog at

Narrated by: Mike Boris

Mike is a freelance e-learning narrator from Indianapolis, Indiana who credits the StarShipSofa for kicking off his reasonably successful side-hustle in voice work. His first recording for someone other than his wife was Adam Troy-Castro’s “Of A Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs” for Aural Delights number 87 way back in June 2009…before he got a decent microphone.

He’s got a website:, so pop on over and say “Hi” and then hire him.


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