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StarShipSofa No 208 Joe Haldeman

Coming Up Interview: Tobias Buckell 02:00 Fact: Film Talk by Dennis Lane 28:00 Main Fiction: Never Blood Enough by Joe Haldeman 38:00 Fact: Mini Meta StarShipSofa’s Monthly eMagazine (Poll) by Tony C Smith 01:00:00 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 01:07:00 Narrator: Simon Hildebrandt Links for Poetry Planet: Ann K. Schwader - Yaddith Times LiveJournal , Twisted in Dream […]

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StarShipSofa No 201 Geoffrey A Landis Pt1 Enhanced

What’s the best way to deliver free ebooks

I’m looking for answers to the question: What’s the best way to distribute a free ebook? As a side note.. getting it out free is sightly harder. The big guns in distribution, your Amazons etc don’t want to play ball. Or am I wrong.

StarShipSofa No 207 Kurt Vonnegut

Coming Up Fact: Hugo Review by Andy Thomaswick 02:20 Interview: StarShipSofa Stories Vol 3 Gregory Frost 08:45 Main Fiction: The Big Trip Up Yonder by Kurt Vonnegut 23:50 Interview: Mike Allen 44:00  

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