Alfred Bester – Godfather of modern Science Fiction Pt1 of 2

Today I look at the life of Alfred Bester. This is Part 1 of 2 detailing all about the science fiction writer who gave us such great books as The Star My Destination and The Demolished Man. Some say he bridged the gap between the old science fiction and the new wave that came with […]

A Whole Load of Dick!

So I’ve started a YouTube channel and with a face made for radio… What better way to kick off this new venture that hitting Philp K. Dick. In this video I look at the classic anthology from Graffton We Can Remember It For You Wholesale. There’s 25 cutting edge stories in this collection. Enjoy!

A little help with 2014 Campbellian Anthology

A few days ago I got an email from Bruce Bethke. Here is said email: Hi Tony, M. David Blake’s 2014 Campbellian Anthology is (at last!) released. This mighty magnum opus is now available for download at the following links — and best of all, it’s not merely FREE, it’s *DRM-FREE*. Featuring more than 860,000 words of […]

Are We The Seed of All Life To Come

Truly…. are we alone in this universe? There’s not one fact or slightest bit of evidence to say yes – there’s life out there. I’m not counting little old ladies living in middle England spotting strange objects in the sky after a sherry or two after their bridge night. And lets not forget Seti. If […]

Are We Living In A Science Fictional World Now that Science Fiction Largely Did Not Anticipate.

  I had the great privilege a to interview renowned Analog editor Stanley Schmidt for a up coming show for StarShipSofa. One question I asked him really made me think well after the interview was finished. Below is a typed version of that soon to be aired interview. Me: Has the technology went in a […]

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