No Flying Cars

One thing that said science fiction and the future to me more than anything was the wonder of flying cars. As a small tot I would dream about some distant remote future… maybe even my own where flying cars would zip across the skies like metal birds, darting and dipping between buildings.  This will never […]

7 Reasons Why We Need Science Fiction In Our Lives (Please add more)

1. The intellectual excitement of the “What if?” scenario. 2. A deeper consideration of what it means to be human. 3. It challenges and stimulates our thoughts and reasoning. Allows us to ponder different ideas from our own. 4. A place where rationality and creativity come together. 5. Escapism 6. Are we not already living […]

£0.63 in the Sofa funds but I felt great!

At one time we had £0.63 in the Sofa funds but I felt great! That’s true… not long ago the Sofa funds were down to £0.63 StarShipSofa won the Hugo in 2010, part of the District of Wonders Network – things couldn’t have been better… then we hit rock bottom and it could have all […]

Spider Robinson sings the Beatles

  On the 26th January Spider Robinson with deliver his live online lecture How To Write Science Fiction… with Spider Robinson. We hooked up today to sort out logistics. Spider sang the Beatles for me… this is why I do what I do! Click here to listen!    

5 Amazing Reasons to subscribe to StarShipSofa in August!

Reason No 1 Fantastic August cover art by Andreas Rocha     No 2 Reason! StarShipSofa No 249  Kim Stanley Robinson Listen directly here mp3: Or subscribe in iTunes: Or RSS: No 3 Reason! StarShipSofa No 250  Bruce Sterling Listen directly here mp3: Or Subscribe in iTunes here: Or RSS:   Reason No 4! StarShipSofa […]

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