StarShipSofa No 589 Tabitha Lord

Main Fiction: “Quest Nine” by Tabitha Lord Originally published at Electric Athenaeum. Tabitha’s HORIZON series has won seven independent book awards including the prestigious Writer’s Digest Grand Prize in 2016. She has short fiction published by World Weaver Press, Electric Athenaeum Magazine, Grimbold Books, and more. Tabitha is also a partner and senior writer for Book […]

StarShipSofa No 588 Aaron Emmel

Main Fiction: “The Engineers of Abundance” by Aaron Emmel This story was first published in Empyreome (October 1, 2018). Aaron Emmel ’s stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. Thanks to the patience of his wonderful wife, and despite the impatience of his wonderful children, Aaron also writes essays, graphic novels, and interactive fiction. […]

StarShipSofa No 587 Forrest Brazeal

Main Fiction: “The Girl of the Golden City” by Forrest Brazeal This story is original to StarShipSofa. Forrest Brazeal is a software engineer, writer, and cartoonist based in rural Virginia. His short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction, Diabolical Plots, Abyss & Apex, and elsewhere. Find him at forrestbrazeal.com or on twitter […]

StarShipSofa No 586 David Gray

Main Fiction: “Wreckers’ Moon” by David Gray Gray is a Scots-born writer and creative director living in Brooklyn, NYC. His journalistic and design credits include Blackbook, Gear magazine, Out, Time Inc, Lollipop mag and others. His fiction has found its way to Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, Metaphorosis, the forthcoming Children of the Sky anthology, […]

StarShipSofa No 585 Gerri Leen

Patreon Support Click Here Main Fiction: “What the Rain Brings” by Gerri Leen This story was originally published in A Rustle of Dark Leaves: Tales from the Shadows of the Forest (Misanthrope Press, 2012). Gerri Leen lives in Northern Virginia and originally hails from Seattle. In addition to being an avid reader, she’s passionate about […]

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