StarShipSofa Round Up Peter Clines, Boba Fett, Money Heist etc

Join me… Tony C Smith for a StarShipSofa Round Up on Peter Clines, Boba Fett, Money Heist etc

StarShipSofa No 678 Glenn B Dungan

Main Fiction: “Win-a-burger” by Glenn B. Dungan. This story is original to StarShipSofa. Glenn Dungan is currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. He exists within a Venn-diagram of urban design, sociology, and good stories. When not obsessing about one of those three, he can be found at a park drinking black coffee and listening to podcasts […]

StarShipSofa No 677 Matthew Sanborn Smith

Main fiction: “Stars So Sharp They Break The Skin by Matthew Sanborn Smith. This story was first published in Apex Magazine in April 2018. Matthew Sanborn Smith is a writer of surreal science fiction and fantasy who grew up in New England and has accidentally lived in Florida for a few decades. His fiction has […]

StarShipSofa No 676 Jeremy Szal

Main fiction: “A Love Like Bruises” by Jeremy Szal. This story was first published in Kaleidotrope in May, 2020. Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 and was raised by wild dingoes, which should explain a lot. He spent his childhood exploring beaches, bookstores, and the limits of people’s patience. He’s the author of over forty […]

StarShipSofa No 675 David Hill

Main Fiction: “Saturn Slingshot” by David Hill. This story was first published in Far Orbit in March 2014. David Wesley Hill is an award-winning fiction writer with more than forty stories published internationally. In 1997 he received the Golden Bridge award at the International Conference on Science Fiction in Beijing, and in 1999 he placed […]

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