StarShipSofa No 236 Will McIntosh

Coming Up Three Million Downloads for the Sofa! Fact: Covering the Sofa by Skeet with artist Jan Ditlev Christensen 02:30 Short Fiction: Mindy In the Shadows of Broadway by Steven Silver 05:00 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 24:40 Short Fiction: Godshift by Nancy Fulda 46:00 Main Fiction Incompatible by Will McIntosh 01:03:00 First Chapters: Particle […]

StarShipSofa No 229 M John Harrison

Fiction: The Spacemice Incident by Carl Frederick 01:20 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 29:00 Main Fiction: Suicide Coast by M John Harrison 51:45 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Severson 01:34:00 Narrators: Jim Philips, Jack Calvery

StarShipSofa No 223 Jason Sanford Special

Coming Up Fact: Cover Art – Michel Bohbot by Skeet 04:50 Fiction: The Never Never Wizard of Apalachicola by Jason Sanford 07:40 Fact: Poetry Planet by Diane Serverson 41:00 Essay: An Exploration of Archeology and Fantasy by Jason Sanford 57:41 Fiction: Into The Depths of Illuminated Seas By Jason Sanford Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 02:03:00 Narrators: Josh Roseman, Rita Di Bello Poetry Planet Info: Diane Severson Poems and Poets: Things […]

StarShipSofa No 215 James L. Sutter

Coming Up Short Fiction: In Search Of by Will Ludwigsen 01:00 Fact: Movie Soundtracks by David Raiklen 11:00 Main Fiction: Faithful Servants James L. Sutter. 27:25 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 01:28:00 Music: Rocket To Earth by No One Zero 01:49:00 Narrator: Jonathan Danz Paizo

StarShipSofa No 212 Peter F Hamilton

Coming Up Main Fiction: Softlight Sins by Peter F. Hamilton 02:30 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 39:00 Links for Everything http://nextbigfuture.com/2009/02/updated-project-orion-nuclear-pulse.html http://nextbigfuture.com/2010/03/150-kiloton-nuclear-verne-gun.html http://www.kschroeder.com/weblog/the-verne-gun

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