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Aural Delights No 159 Pat Cadigan & Jason Sanford

Coming Up This Week 00:00 Announcements: Larry Santoro on StaShipSofa Stories Vol 2 02:27 Fact: Fiction Crawler by Matthew Sanborn Smith: 10:40 Main Fiction: Life on Earth by Pat Cadigan 20:10 Fact: Looking Back at Science Fiction by Amy H Sturgis 01:09:00 Serial: Sublimation Angels Pt 2 by Jason Sanford 1:26:30 Fact: Everything by Morgan […]

Aural Delights No 132 James Alan Gardner

Fact Article: Science News by J.J. Campanella 05:00 Main Fiction: The Ray-Gun: A Love Story by James Alan Gardner 24:00 Fact Article: Fiction Crawler 9 by Matthew Sanborn Smith 01:19:00 Art Cover Audio Intro by S.P Wilson Narrators: Ray Sizemore Art Cover by S.P. Wilson Links to Fiction Crawler: The Man Who Lost the Sea […]

Aural Delights No 98 Hannu Rajaniemi

Poem: A One Horse Town by David Burnham 03:20 Fact: Support Our Zines by Damien G Walter 09:00 Flash: Ahead of Her Time by Matthew Stephens 21:00 Main Fiction: His Master’s Voice by Hannu Rajaniemi 38:30 Announcment: StarShipSofa’s Aural Delights Anthology No 1 Fact Articel: Fiction Crawler No 8 by Matthew Sanborn Smith 01:21:00 Narrators: […]

Aural Delights No 87 Adam Troy Castro

Editorial: Sofanauts by Tony C Smith 03:50 New Titles: Zoe’s Tale, Winterstrike, The Burning Skies, Asimovs, Analog, The Stranger Flash Fiction: Aliens by Rick Norwood Fact:  Fiction Crawler by Matthew Sanborn Smith15:00 Main Fiction: Of A Sweet Slow Dance in the Wake of Temporary Dogs by Adam Troy Castro 50:00 Fact: Look Back at Genre […]

Aural Delights No 80 James Lovegrove

Aural Delights No 80 James Lovegrove Editorial: Sofanauts by Tony C Smith 01:50 Poetry:  Epochs In Exile by Mike Allen & Charles Saplak 03:34 Fact:  Science News by Jim Campanella15:00 Main Fiction: Wings by James Lovegrove 36:15 Fact: Fiction Crawler by Matthew Sanborn Smith 01:14:00 Narrators:   Nicola Seaton-Clark Kate Baker Advertisement: This podcast is […]

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