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StarShipSofa 376 Timons Esaias/David G. Blake

Coming Up… Octagon Technology Main Fiction: “The Fitter” by Timons Esaias Timons Esaias is a satirist, writer and poet living in Pittsburgh. His works, ranging from literary to genre, have been published in eighteen languages. He has over a hundred poems in print, in markets ranging from Asimov’s Science Fiction and 5AM to Elysian Fields […]

StarShipSofa No 368 Brent Knowles Andy Weir

Coming Up…. Interview: Andy Weir – The Martian Fact: Science News by J J Campanella Main Fiction: “Digital Rights” by Brent Knowles The Assistant responsible for the primary thruster arrangement killed itself just ten days after Izzy arrived on the solar station. The panicked chatter of the other Assistants prevented them from continuing with their […]

StarShipSofa No 364 Derek Kunksen

Coming up… Fact: Mr SciFi talks Ray Bradbury 01 Main Fiction: Schools of Clay, by Derek Kunksen 15:30 Derek Künsken is a writer of science fiction and fantasy living in Gatineau, Québec. His fiction has appeared in Analog, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Black Gate, On Spec, the three Escape Artists podcasts, several anthologies, and multiple times in Asimov’s. In 2012, he was short-listed […]

StarShipSofa No 360 Peter Watts

Support the Kickstarter campaign for SofaCon 2015! Music: The Wreck of the Cassie Dee by David Bradshaw Science News by J J Campanella Main Fiction: “Bulk Food” by Peter Watts and Laurie Channer

StarShipSofa No 355 Octavia Cade

Coming up… Fact: Maven by Katherine Inskip Main Fiction: “The Mistress of Fishes” by Octavia Cade Octavia Cade is a PhD candidate in science communication at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Her short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Cosmos Magazine, and Aurealis, amongst other places. “Trading Rosemary” is her first novella, published […]

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