StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2

Aural Delights No 167 Jack McDevitt

Coming Up 2011 Sofanaut Awards Nomination Round- Vote Now! Fact: Explained In  Sixty Seconds by Megan Argo 05:58 Fact Article: StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2 by Skeet Fact Article: Looking Back at SF History by Amy H Sturgis Main Fiction: The Fort Moxie Branch by Jack McDevitt 01:47:22 Narrator: Grant Stone B0t: An Internet-native fanzine. For fans. Grant Stone’s […]

Aural Delights No 161 Walter M Miller

20% off Lulu with NOVEMBOOK code. Coming Up This Week 00:00 Then and Now Winner 06:18 Fact: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 07:50 Main Fiction: Death of a Spaceman by Walter M. Miller 30:00 Fact: The Graphical Fan by Fred Himebaugh 01:08:20 Promo: Janey Godley Podcast Fact: World FantasyCon by Larry Santoro 01:21:21 Narrators: […]

Aural Delights No 160 James Morrow & Jason Sanford

Coming Up This Week 00:00 Interview: Dee Cunniffe 03:20 Fact: Fiction Film Talk by Rod Barnett 19:30 Writer Interview: James Morrow 25:40 Main Fiction: Bigfoot and the Bodhisattva by James Morrow 41:48 Fact: Narrating Bigfoot and the Bodhisattva by Larry Santoro 02:01:01 Fact Article: Science News by J.J. Campanella 02:05:45 Serial: Sublimation Angels Pt 3 […]

Aural Delights No 159 Pat Cadigan & Jason Sanford

Coming Up This Week 00:00 Announcements: Larry Santoro on StaShipSofa Stories Vol 2 02:27 Fact: Fiction Crawler by Matthew Sanborn Smith: 10:40 Main Fiction: Life on Earth by Pat Cadigan 20:10 Fact: Looking Back at Science Fiction by Amy H Sturgis 01:09:00 Serial: Sublimation Angels Pt 2 by Jason Sanford 1:26:30 Fact: Everything by Morgan […]

Aural Delights No 158 Jason Sanford & Jeff Carlson

StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2 Coming Up This Week 00:00 Announcements: StaShipSofa Stories Vol 2 02:00 Flash Fiction: The One That Got Away by Matthew Sanborn Smith: 12:00 Interview: Jeff Calson 23:20 Main Fiction: Meme by Jeff Carlson 01:02:00 StarShipSofa Interrogations: China Meiville 1:21:00 Serial: Sublimation Angels Pt 1 by Jason Sanford 1:28:17 Narrators: Mike Boris, […]

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