StarShipSofa No 434 Lauren C. Teffeau and Ryan Calo

Interviews: Ryan Calo – Robot Laws

Main Fiction: “Jump Cut” by Lauren C. Teffeau

Originally published in Unlikely Story’s Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, Issue 11

Lauren C. Teffeau was born and raised on the East Coast, educated in the South, employed in the Midwest, and now lives and dreams in the Southwest. In the Summer of 2012, she attended Taos Toolbox, a master class in writing science fiction and fantasy. Her short fiction can be found in a number of speculative fiction magazines and anthologies. Once upon a time she wanted to be a film critic. She decided to write this story instead. To learn more, please visit

Narrated by Mike Boris

Mike is a freelance narrator based out of his basement in the lovely Mid-West of the former American Colonies.  He prefers to read out loud for money, but he likes me enough to throw me a free bone every now and again. He’s got a website:, so pop on over…