Doug C. Souza

StarShipSofa No 522 Doug C Souza

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Main Fiction: “The Armor Embrace” by Doug C. Souza

Originally published in Writers of the Future, Vol 33.

Doug C. Souza had quite a year in 2017. One of the highlights–besides meeting the other twelve finalists–was when Kevin J. Anderson pulled him aside just before the Writers of the Future awards ceremony to tell Doug that he had requested to present his award because he had read “The Armor Embrace” and really enjoyed it. Later this year, Doug C. Souza has another story with Asimov’s. He continues trying his darndest at this writing thing with his wife and main-reader and their two-and-a-half-year-old who has moved on from training as a stunt-double to a human recorder (careful what you say around her, it’ll be repeated). You can find him at

Narrated by: Jeremy Szal

Jeremy Szal is a Mediterranean-blooded mongrel who was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia, where he was raised by wild dingoes. Now, he writes about galactic nightmares, little traumas, and lots of neon and alcohol. You can find his work in Nature, Abyss & Apex, Lightspeed,, Tales to Terrify, and episode 509 of StarShipSofa, which he hopes you’ll check out and not hate it. He’s represented by agent John Jarrold and hopes to sell a novel soon. This is his second second narration on StarShipSofa, because he didn’t learn his lesson the first time. He carves out a living in Sydney, Australia with his awesome family where he drinks too much gin, watches too many cult films, and makes too many dark jokes. Find him at or @JeremySzal

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