StarShipSofa No 548 Paul R Hardy

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Main Fiction: “The Breakdown of the Parasite Host Relationship” by Paul R. Hardy

Originally published in UFO.

Paul R. Hardy is a fungal infection in the shape of the letter ‘R’ that lives inside the brainstem of an oblivious human meatsack by the name of Paul Hardy. The fungal infection has had work published in Unidentified Funny Objects, Far Fetched Fables and Diabolical Plots, while the human meatsack works as a hospital receptionist in order to provide nutrients for the fungus. Any resemblance between this living arrangement and the content of the story that follows is entirely coincidental.

Narrator: Rish Outfield

Rish Outfield is a writer, voice actor, and audiobook narrator. He can be heard co-hosting the Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine and That Gets My Goat podcasts, where he and Bigg Anklevich entertainingly waste much of their time. He also features his own stories on the Rish Outcast podcast. He once got a job because of his Sean Connery impersonation… but has lost two due to his Samuel L. Jackson impression.