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StarShipSofa No 547 Peter Watts

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Main Fiction: “The Colonel” by Peter Watts

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Peter Watts is a former marine biologist, flesh-eating-disease survivor and Undesirable Element (according to the US government) whose novels— despite an unhealthy focus on Space Vampires— have become required texts for university courses ranging from Philosophy to Neuropsychology. His work is available in 20 languages, has appeared in over two dozen best-of-year anthologies, and has been nominated for roughly 50 awards from a dozen countries. His (somewhat smaller) list of 17 actual wins includes the Hugo, the Shirley Jackson, and the Seiun. His latest efforts include The Freeze-Frame Revolution (June 2018 from Tachyon) and coauthorship of a black metal science opera about sending marbled lungfish to Mars, funded by the Norwegian government (the opera, not the lungfish).

He lives in Toronto with his wife (fantasy author Caitlin Sweet), four-and-a-half cats, a pugilistic rabbit, a Plecostomus the size of a school bus, and a gang of tough raccoons who shake him down for kibble on the porch every summer. He likes all of them significantly more than most people he’s met.

Narrated by Mikael Naramore

Mikael Naramore has narrated well over 100 audiobooks, ranging from best-sellers Nora Roberts, Lisa Gardner, Edward Klein and Clive Barker to sci-fi rising stars Wesley Chu, Ramez Naam and Mark E. Cooper.He was recently chosen to narrate prolific playwright and Oscar-nominated screenwriter Robert Ardrey’s seminal Nature of Man series.

Mikael is also an active musician, having scored the soundtrack to an independent short film and produced and engineered critically acclaimed rock records.  He currently resides in the wild and scenic Columbia River Gorge outside of Portland, Oregon with his wife, two small boys and their beloved Golden Retriever.


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