Skeet Scienski

Skeet Scienski has drawing in his veins. He can’t donate blood – all that comes out is ink. Over the years he’s been involved in various projects from graffiti banners for local radio stations to tattoos for bikers and babes; from Innova discgolf art to computer illustrations for Contact him at or visit his website at

Steven Thomas

When not at his day job Steven Thomas tries to come up with new and interesting ideas for illustrations. His love for vintage poster, propaganda and product art from the early 20th century and an interest in retro-futuristic art from the mid-20th has led him to create some fun poster art. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel the solar system or join the fight against the villains of 1980s arcade games? View more of Thomas’ art at and maybe buy a print at


Mud! is a former 3D and animation student, turned product & graphic designer/illustrator. He grew up on a steady diet of MAD Magazine, comic books, Garbage Pail Kids and Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip). By day he is a product designer and by night he is one half of the dynamic duo that makes up the design house Idea Monster. His most recent project is a book he wrote and illustrated called I Need You Blue which he donates all of the money raised to a charity that builds wells in developing countries. You can learn more about it at It should be noted, he dislikes writing in 3rd person. Check out his work at and his personal blog at

Daniel Tozer

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Daniel Tozer attended Animation Classical at Sheridan college and Computer Animation. Currently working in game development; Dan takes advantage of any opportunity to keep his drawing skills sharp. He has credits in cartoon (Little Bear and Sam and Max) and games (Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Too Human and the upcoming Xmen: Destiny).

Simon Watkins

Simon Watkins studied fine art at Croydon Art College in the late 70s, printmaking at Brighton in the early 80s and spent several years exhibiting and starving in London and South East. Now a self-employed flint wall builder he is no longer a starving dilettante working occasionally on projects that interest him.

Len O’Grady

Len O’Grady was born in Dublin, Ireland, and when the time came he wandered into the National College of Art and Design, and only found his way out four years and one Honors Degree later.  In 2002, he landed the job of House Colourist for Com.X. Two years later he landed in the US and got a call from Marvel and almost at once began work on Ares by Mike Oeming. Since 2008, he has been engaged by French Publisher Delcourt as their colourist on l’Histoire Secrete – an ongoing series giving the true arcane history of the world and the factions that fight for its destiny. In 2010, he joined the webcomic collective with writer, collaborator and chum Dirk Manning. Their strip, Farseeker, just finished it’s first book, and we expect book two to launch shortly. He is also part of the Irish Comic Artist Blog, and supplies a new artwork every Friday. Visit him at

Jack Calverley

Jack Calverley says, “I like making things. I enjoy the crafting process whether virtual goods like software (the day job) or, preferably, make-believe worlds made from words and images.” Jack is the creator of Rooms 3D Desktops and believes in cross-over between mediums since he has been heard reading for StarShipSofa and has been seen at exhibitions trying to flog his Photoshop’d holiday snaps. His multi-dimensional publicity machine (which you will no doubt never have heard of) can be found at

Ben Greene

Ben Greene has been pursuing art in one way or another since he was a wee lad. It hasn’t always been good art but that fact has never stopped him from fighting to achieve great art. In the meantime, and most recently, Ben has been the lead concept artist at Trendy entertainment and the acting art director for their sister studio, Puppy Punch Productions. He is married with three kids and living in Florida far too early on in life. Visit him at

David Boyle

David Boyle is a graphic designer, illustrator, and dedicated geek living in New York City. Having consumed thousands of comics, books and games throughout his life he finds artistic satisfaction in mixing and matching his passions into new projects. Whether that means cramming dozens of pirates and ninjas into one huge crossover, or mocking up imaginary designs for fictional companies, he is always looking to put his own spin on geek culture. You can find a number of his experiments at

Timothy Booth

Timothy Booth was born in Ireland in 1943. He first exhibited in Dublin in the 60s with the Irish Exhibition of Living Art, a very creative time which also led to the birth of cult Psychedelic Lounge band Doctor Strangely Strange of which he is a founder member. Since then, he has continued to paint and has had numerous exhibitions in Ireland and abroad, as well as producing and directing award winning animation films. He represented Ireland in the Berlin Film Festival in 1982 with The Prisoner – for which Doctor Strangely Strange provided the music, and his short animation Ulys, based on James Joyce’s Ulysses, is shown somewhere in the world every Bloomsday. The music for this was written by Ivan Pawle from Doctor Strangely Strange and performed by fellow Stranglie, Tim Goulding. He is also an award winning short story writer and likes to draw comic strips – currently Dan Dare for the fanzine SpaceShipAway – in his spare time. His paintings are in many collections, including the Arts Council, The Office of Public Works, P.J. Carroll and Co and Great Southern Hotels.

Jerel Dye

Jerel Dye is an cartoonist, illustrator, designer and teacher working in Jamaica Plain, MA. He earned his BFA at UMass Dartmouth and his MFA at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Most of his work stems from deep interest in science and technology, with a healthy dose of childlike wonder, and has appeared throughout the interwebs as well as in museum exhibitions, magazines, books, and peppering the streets of Boston. When not summoning eldritch homunculi or crafting impossible whirligigs he can be seen expanding his horde of summoner/handymen in the guise of a cartooning instructor. He has recently begun releasing episodes from his own comic book series, One Android Stories, in mini-book format. Check out it out, along with lots of other work at

Richard John Ivankovic

Richard John Ivankovic is an artist living in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently works as a high school English and Humanities teacher.  You can see more of his work at

Evan Forsch

Evan Forsch has published cartoons in The New Yorker, Readers Digest, Funny Times and other magazines. He also does illustration and caricature. Evan lives with his wife and kids in New York City where he can often be found trying to take a nap. See more stuff at and follow his mildly offensive twitters @evan4sh

Thomas Crielly

Thomas Crielly is a Scottish freelance illustrator and designer working across a variety of disciplines and in a wide range of styles. Tom utilises everything from pencil and pen to Photoshop and interactive technologies in order to create his work. His main love has always been the comic book art form so whenever he is not designing book covers, logos, exhibitions, websites, video and flash games he can be found doodling comic characters. Amongst other things Tom is currently working on some new SF book jackets and an independent horror comic strip. Tom always welcomes any requests for private and commercial illustration commissions. Check him out at

Mike Dubisch

Mike Dubisch has been bringing a Love-craftian twist to his fantasy art, illustration and comics for a quarter century, beginning in his mid teens. The versatile artist has created Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons toys, animated DVD covers for the World Wrestling Federation, designs for animated movies, and characters for MTV. His work is held in the permanent collection of The Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art. His Lovecraftian Graphic Novel Weirdling was published in 2007 to critical acclaim, and is currently promoting his recent Cthulhu Mythos project The Black Velvet Necronomicon limited edition art book. View more of his work at

Patrick McEvoy

Patrick McEvoy has been a full-time professional illustrator since 2005, working mainly in games, comics, and book illustration. A list of all his projects would be long and boring, but some highlights include the graphic novel Starkweather: Immortal from Archaia, an 18-month stint with Marvel working on their style guide and special marketing projects, illustrations for D&D and other RPGs, and loads of art for collectible card games such as World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, Star Wars Galaxies and Call of Cthulhu. Outside of his artwork, Patrick is an almost-normal person living in the wilds of Northern California, where he lives with his wife and two orange cats. He’s also the co-host and producer of Ninja Mountain, a popular podcast for artists. Check out his work at

Bradley W. Schenck

Bradley W. Schenck has been an artist for longer than he’d like to think about and has worked at jobs that don’t even exist any more: but he’s still much too young to remember that optimistic futurism of the 1920s and 30s which has had such an influence on his art over the past fifteen years. He illustrated some of the very earliest role playing games and supplements, and did small press work during the 1980s that might interest Sofa readers – like the Leslie Fish/Rudyard Kipling filk songbook, Cold Iron; he’s painted covers for LPs, cassettes and CDs; he’s built musical instruments; and he eventually spent many years as an artist, art director and game designer in the computer games racket, which he survived only because of something he calls “Mister Baseball Bat”. From the mid-90s his art has concentrated on the kind of futures people expected during the 1920s and 30s – those days when we were really good at imagining the future – and although he enjoys Science Fiction, he doesn’t really believe that’s what he’s doing. These days he works on web and print projects like Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual ( and sells posters, t-shirts and other shiny things at

Brian Thomas Woods

Brian Thomas Woods was born in St Catharines, Ontario Canada. He is a graduate of the Sheridan College Illustration Program, and is currently an Animation Background Painter working for a studio in Toronto. His television credits include Total Drama Action, Stoked – The Animated Series, Dunce Bucket (Pilot), Crash Canyon and Daniel Tigers Neighbourhood. He has worked as a landscaper, hotel concierge, as well as a horse and carriage driver. Brian is a regular art contributor to StarShipSofa and the current Art Director for the StarShipSofa Podcast Cover Art. You can see more of Brian’s art at

David Malki

David Malki ! is the author of the comic strip Wondermark, a gag strip created entirely from 19th-Century woodcuts and engravings, AKA a collaboration with the dead. In 2009, the Wondermark collection Beards of our Forefathers was nominated for the Eisner Award – the highest honor in comics – for “Best Humor Publication.” He’s also the co-editor of the sci-fi anthology Machine of Death, which became a surprise bestseller in 2010 thanks to an innovative grassroots marketing campaign. For more information you can visit

Carly Monardo

Carly Monardo was born and raised in sunny, exotic Staten Island, New York. She graduated with a BFA in Animation from School of Visual Arts in 2006. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Chris, and their ridiculous little dog, Commissioner James Gordon. See more of her work at

Richard Case

Richard Case has made a living drawing comics and making art for videogames. He is often asked when he plans on growing up. Check out more of his work at

Peter Snejbjerg

Peter Snejbjerg grew up in Silkeborg, Denmark. He started drawing at an early age and never really stopped, not even when he graduated from art school. He has worked on comic books for Vertigo, DC and Dark Horse Comics. He illustrated several issues of The Books of Magic for Vertigo, the end run of James Robison’s Starman for DC, and since then his most notable work has been the WWII fantasy The Light Brigade with writer Peter Tomasi, the gritty war drama Dear Billy with Garth Ennis, and recently the critically acclaimed A God Somewhere with John Arcudi. He is also very proud of the horror story The Lords of Misrule, with writers Abnett, Tomlinson and White, and a little thing called Marlene because he wrote it himself. He’s is currently straying into French comics too, and he’s not above a childrens’ book or the odd illustration now and then. He is to be found at Studio Gimle, located in Copenhagen’s Noerrebro district.

Anton Emdin

Working as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist for over 15 years, Anton Emdin has drawn for numerous magazines, including MAD, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, People, and The Spectator, as well as creating art for commercial and advertising projects plus comic art, cartoons and illustrations for books. Anton recently received the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Division Award for Magazine Illustration, plus the Australian Cartoonists’ Association’s Stanley Award for Best illustrator in 2009 and 2010. In his time off, Anton enjoys wrestling childerbeasts and pugs; occasionally winning. You can view more of Anton’s work at

Daniele Serra

Daniele Serra is a professional illustrator. His work has been published and in Europe, Australia and the United States, and displayed at various exhibits in US and Europe. He has provided illustrations for author such as Brian Stableford, Rain Graves, Steven Savile and more. He has also worked for DC and Image Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine and other publications. Visit Daniele at

Graeme Neil Reid

Graeme Neil Reid is an artist who spends a lot of time trying to write the perfect bio but failing. He lives in Fife, Scotland where he spends his days drawing while listening to music, radio comedies and watching films, it’s a hard life but he’s willing to do it. His work has graced books (The Dangerous Book of Heroes), television (World’s Strongest Man), gaming (Need for Speed), magazines (Radio Times) and much more. Recently his work has appeared in the British comics 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to draw for ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’. When not busy working or chasing after his three kids he can be found watching Doctor Who, sketching and contemplating his next bio. Visit Graeme’s website and his blog to see more of his work. Graeme is also a member of the Scottish art blog Scotch Corner

Greg Broadmore

Greg Broadmore works as an illustrator, writer and conceptual designer for Weta workshop and has designed for the motion pictures: District 9, King Kong, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, and Black Sheep amongst many, many others. He has written and illustrated, as well as drawn in the margins of many books. For instance, he worked on The World of Kong: A Natural Histroy of Skull Island and wrote and illustrated Dr Grordbort’s books: Victory and Dr Grordbort’s Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory all on his own like a big boy. Through Weta workshop, he is the creator and designer of Dr Grordbort’s world of rayguns and contraptions at Visit him at

Mark Zug

A late bloomer to illustration, Mark Zug found his calling after being transfixed at age 26 by the luminaries N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle and the other illustrators of the Brandywine tradition. After quitting art school he painted his portfolio while working as a machinist, penciling historical comic strips for cartoonist Pat Reynolds, and assisting painting western novel covers for illustrator Ken Laager. In 1992 he quit all other work and embarked on the unpredictable life of a freelance artist. His work was first published in 1994 with I Robot: The Illustrated Screenplay by Harlan Ellison. Since then, his artwork has appeared on the covers of novels by Tanith Lee, Diana Wynne-Jones, Timothy Zahn, Peter David, those of the fantasy imprints Eberron and Forgotten Realms, the magazines Popular Science, Dragon, Dungeon, Duelist, Inquest, Star Wars Gamer, Star Wars comics, many fantasy game products of Shadowrun, Battletech, Dune and Magic: The Gathering brands, and also on the frontispieces of the prestigious Easton Press leather-bound books. In recent years he has become the illustrator of the best-selling Septimus Heap series of fantasy novels by Angie Sage, and along the way, garnered a Jack Gaughan Award, a Chesley Award, and an Illie Award. He invites all to visit with eternal wishes of peace and a great view.

Brent Holmes

Brent Holmes is an artist living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada. Going by the pseudonym Barfing Rainbows, in an attempt to bring a little more benign crazy into your life. He has been working as a painter designer and sculptor for ten years now, and as a father for two and a half. Check out his flikr stream at

Ben Wootten

Ben Wootten remembers his earliest work as a green crayon drawing of duck hunters in aeroplanes –which gave way to fantasy art when a 12 year old Ben began playing D&D, drawing characters for adventures with his friend, Warren Mahy. Years later Ben and Warren collaborated again, illustrating the Savage Tide adventure series together for Dungeon Magazine. After a few career false starts Ben enrolled in a visual communication course. He didn’t complete the course but he did meet fellow drop-out Jamie Beswarick – who introduced Ben to sculpting and then to Weta Workshop where Ben worked for 10 years as a sculpter, designer and art director on film projects including LOTR, King Kong, and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe. Ben’s work on LOTR led to his first freelance illustration job for Decipher’s LOTR RPG. Ben now works fulltime as an illustrator for clients including Paizo, WOTC, Upperdeck, Goodman Games and Mongoose Publishing. Visit Ben at

Dave Krummenacher

Dave Krummenacher graduated from Utah State University in 1997 with a degree in Graphic Design, and minor in Illustration. He currently works in television behind the scenes as a Motion Graphics Developer and Editor. David lives in a suburb north of Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and three children, where he enjoys mountain biking, camping and indulging in his artistic side.

Jouni Koponen

Jouni Koponen is a Finnish illustrator who provided the art for many of Neil Gaiman’s stories including Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar, A Study in Emerald, and The Day the Saucers Came. You can check out his work at

Doug Holverson

Doug Holverson was a Small Press Comics stalwart back in the ‘80s drawing Flexia Bast, Captain Saucer, InterStellar OverDrive, and that version of Fanboy that was a funny appliance. Since then, he ran Holverson Designs and now works as an Electronic Technician for the United Stated Post Office. He now has a web comic called Sci Fi Guy!, which naturally takes place in suburban Iowa of 1977, which he would like to revive as a Comic Book.