StarShipSofa No 737 Benjamin Blattberg

Main fiction: “Strata” by Benjamin Blattberg

Benjamin Blattberg is a software developer, improviser, and writer currently living in Austin, TX, as long as there are no follow­up questions on any of those facts. His stories have appeared in PodCastle, Diabolical Plots, Apex Magazine, and other venues..

This story originally appeared in Apex Magazine, March 2022.

Narrated by: Will Stagl

Will Stagl is StarShipSofa’s audio engineer but still enjoys lending his voice to the cause when duty calls. He’d like to thank the mysterious patron at Danny’s Lounge in Tucson Arizona who told him he had a voice for radio for inspiring his journey.

He’d also like to thank his wolfhound Gandalf, his bichon Tulip and his tortoise shell cat Autumn for keeping him company and remaining silent during his recording session. He’d like to remind his daughter Violet that she will be missed while she escapes the Tucson heat to visit her aunt in Port Angeles, Washington.

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