StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine is one of the top SF podcasts in the multiverse that delves into the world of SF. There are a number of shows that fall under the Sofa’s wing.

First off is the Original StarShipSofa show. This is where host Tony C Smith focuses on a particular SF author, publisher or SF topic and digs deep to uncover all aspects of that writer or topic – simply put… its the show that will give you a little more than a Wiki page.

Next up is the popular Aural Delights, though now simply called StarShipSofa. This is an audio magazine style show, similar in style to some of the great SF print magazines out there like Asimovs and Analog. A typical show includes poetry, flash fiction, fact article, reviews and main fiction. It’s produced by many and put together by one. It’s a coming together of all fans and lovers of SF. Writers who have had there work narrated on Aural Delights include Michael Moorcock, Joe Haldeman, Bruce Sterling, David Brin, Harry Harrison, Ted Chiang, George R. R. Martin, William Gibson, and many many more. If you like SF – you’ll love Aural Delights.

Next up is TheSofanauts. Each week, Tony C Smith will be joined by a variety of guests from the world of science fiction literature, SF blogs and publishing to bring you the latest news and gossip from the world of SF.

Finally there is the StarShipSanatorium. For anyone who supports the StarShipSofa via the £2.50 monthly donations. This is a way host Tony can say thank you. He’s providing access to a private show/feed. Call it Xtreame podcasting at it’s very best.

Contact Tony C. Smith at this email: starshipsofa@gmail.com

Contact editor Jeremy Szal at this email: jeremyszal@gmail.com


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