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StarShipSofa No 294 Caroline M Yoachim

Coming up… Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 03:50 Main Fiction: Philosophy of Ships by Caroline M. Yoachim 30:50 Narrator: Graeme Dunlop @Kibitzer

StarShipSofa No 279 Rachel Swirsky

Coming Up Fact: Everything by Morgan Sterling 03:00 Main Fiction: “A Taste of Promise” by Rachel Swirsky 14:30 Narrator: Renee Chambliss Diane Severson at Amazing Stories  

StarShipSofa No 264 Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Coming Up Black Hole Friday – Starting 19th November until 25th November Short Story: In Their Garden by Brenda Cooper 05:55 Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 25:20 Main Fiction: Futures in the Memories Market by Nina Kiriki Hoffman 48:30 Promo: Science Fiction, Part II taught by Dr. Amy H. Sturgis 01:15:00 Narrators: Liz Ann Herd, […]

StarShipSofa No 251 Gene Wolfe

Coming Up Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 01:20 Main Fiction: King Rat by Gene Wolfe 33:50 First Chapters: Ghost Hand by Ripley Patton 01:09:00 Narrator: Matt Cowens

StarShipSofa No 244 Peter Watts

Coming Up Fact: Everything by Morgan Saletta 01:35 Main Fiction: Malak by Peter Watts 32:30 Fact: Science News by J.J. Campanella 01:15:00 Interview: Space Command – Marc Zicaree Narrator: Nicholas Camm Engineering Infinity

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