Tau Ceti Radio

StarShipSofa No 317 Ian Creasey and Anaea Lay

Coming up…   People with wings! Short Fiction: “On Moonlit Wings” by Anaea Lay 04:00 Anaea Lay lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she sells Real Estate under a different name, writes, cooks, plays board games, spoils her cat, runs the Strange Horizons podcast, and plots to take over the world. Her work has appeared in places such as […]

StarShipSofa No 183 Will McIntosh

Coming Up Fact: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 03:09 Promo: Earth Girl by Fred Himbaugh 29:30 Short Story: Atom Drive by Charles Fontenay 33:25 Interview: Marc Zicree 01:12:35 Fact: TV/Film Workshop: 01:51:48 Main Fiction: Linkworlds by Will McIntosh 01:52:00 How To Run A Con: by Michael Swanwick 02:43:55 Narrators: Jim Philips, Dan Rabarts Will […]

StarShipSofa No 175 Jeff Carlson

Coming up Fact: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 01:26 StarShipSofa Interrogations: Tanith Lee 27:00 Main Fiction: Damned If You Do by Jeff Carlson 58:15

Aural Delights No 166 Kage Baker

Coming Up Fact Article: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 02:33 StarShipSofa Interrogations: Connie Willis Main Fiction: Smart Alec by Kage Baker Narrator: MCL White Cloud Worlds Links For Tau Ceti Radio: Garry Ogle YouTube

Aural Delights No 161 Walter M Miller

20% off Lulu with NOVEMBOOK code. Coming Up This Week 00:00 Then and Now Winner 06:18 Fact: Tau Ceti Radio by David Bradshaw 07:50 Main Fiction: Death of a Spaceman by Walter M. Miller 30:00 Fact: The Graphical Fan by Fred Himebaugh 01:08:20 Promo: Janey Godley Podcast Fact: World FantasyCon by Larry Santoro 01:21:21 Narrators: […]

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