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Tony C. Smith


Host/Producer of Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa podcast

Josh LeuzeJosh Leuze


Josh Leuze is a WordPress developer from Minnesota who loves making websites. He builds and maintains all of the sites in the District of Wonders.

When not building websites in his basement, Josh can be found doodling with his kids at the kitchen table, digging in the garden, or pedaling his bike around town.

Josh LeuzeJeremy Szal

Fiction Editor

Born in 1995 Jeremy Szal’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Nature, Nature: Physics, Abyss & Apex, Strange Horizons, Grimdark Magazine, Lightspeed, Perihelion, and more. He is a Writers of the Future finalist and the assistant editor here at StarShipSofa. He has a BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing. His twisted sense of humour and big mouth will probably get him killed one day. Until then, he will continue to write and try every craft beer in the known galaxy.

He has written several novels and is currently seeking literary representation. Find him on Twitter @JeremySzal or at his website.


RM_150_BWR. M. Ambrose

Assistant Fiction Editor

RM Ambrose is a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy and an IT professional. Works draw on Ambrose’s background in Anthropology and Linguistics, music, world travel, study of Aikido, and careers in Information Technology, Banking and Higher Education. His taste in genre fiction is even more eclectic.


10526132_10152551140537174_1297431308371294589_nDiane Severson Mori

Poetry Editor

Diane Severson is a lyric soprano specializing in Early Music, especially Baroque and medieval music. She is a dedicated teacher of singing (taking her cues from her mentor the late Cornelius Reid and his long-time student and mentor in her own right Carol Baggott-Forte). She is the mother of a young multi-linguist and married to her very own Rocket Scientist.

She produces Poetry Planet and is a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association for which she ran the 2012 Poetry Contest. She is a staff blogger for Amazing Stories Magazine (amazingstoriesmag.com) focusing on Science Fiction Poetry. She continues to narrate stories for StarShipSofa and other podcasts (notably PodCastle and Tales to Terrify) and has begun getting paying jobs as a voice actor.


Amy H. Sturgis

Genre History Producer

AHS holds a Ph.D. in Intellectual History and specializes in the fields of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Native American Studies. She lives with her husband, Dr. Larry M. Hall, and their best friend, Virginia the Boston terrier, in the foothills of North Carolina, USA.

image3Robyn Bradshaw

Content Marketing Manager

Robyn Bradshaw is an experienced administrative professional in Nova Scotia, Canada. Robyn helps us out with copy writing, copy editing, social media marketing, and navigating Tony’s ceaseless stream of ideas with good humour intact. Robyn has been stowing away on board the StarShipSofa since the beginning, and also spends time in the other regions of the District of Wonders.
Robyn is proud mother of fine and talented son Aiden, and wife of our own favourite troubadour, singer-songwriter David Bradshaw. By day Robyn is honoured to work with Autism Nova Scotia, an organization supporting individuals and families living with autism.



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