Support Our Kickstarter Everyone – Worlds Without Walls

Support Our Kickstarter – Everyone: Worlds Without Walls Tony C. Smith here, coming to you from the northeast of England, on this here planet Earth we all call home. And what times we are living in on this world of ours. You can see it here in the UK, and even more coming across from […]

Pay Narrators

We are going to pay narrators!   That is the next goal for District of Wonders.   Our new goal is now $1500 a month on Patreon – if we achieve this I will be able to pay all narrators $30 per story over all three shows – StarShipSofa, Tales To Terrify and Far Fetched […]

Our Next Goal Is To Pay Narrators

A callout to all our supports and listeners. This is just a little heads up that we intend to pay all narrators if we hit our next Patreon goal. Taking inspiration from out great friends at Pseudopod with their recent Kickstarter, it is now DoW’s turn to stand up and be counted. Our goal is […]

We Pay Writers

Hello everyone! Tony C. Smith here, and I’m just so proud to be making an exciting announcement today.  Starting in the New Year, ALL THREE of our shows here in the District of Wonders are going to be paying authors! We’ve been working a long time to get here, and it’s been a dream of […]

Submission Desk: Submitting a story to StarShipSofa

We want your story! We really do. We know deep down your story is the one we want to run… but get the submitting process right. Sign up to this newsletter and learn the tips and tricks for doing that. Sign up and we’ll get you up to speed. We’ll give you some cool freebies, advice, talks, […]

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