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January 14, 2015 by Jeremy Szal
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Main Fiction: Lullaby, by Anna North

Originally published in Robot Uprisings, edited by John Joseph Adams and Daniel H. Wilson

I never wanted to move to my grandfather’s house in the first place. He died before I was born, but Mom talked all the time about what a genius he was, and that year I hated everything Mom liked. I was sixteen, my dad had died the year before, and I didn’t see why I should act like anything would ever be all right.

Anna North graduated from the Iowa Writers Workshop in 2009, having received a Teaching- Writing Fellowship and a Michener/Copernicus Society Fellowship. Her fiction has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly , Glimmer Train, Nautilus , and in the anthology Robot Uprisings. Her nonfiction has appeared in Jezebel , BuzzFeed , and Salon, and she is now a staff editor at the New York Times. Her first novel, America Pacifica, was published in 2011, and her second novel, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark, is forthcoming from Blue Rider Press in 2015. She lives in Brooklyn.

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Narrator: Katherine Inskip

Katherine weighs galaxies for a living, and builds worlds in her spare time. She is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles.

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