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March 24, 2015 by Jeremy Szal
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Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Main Fiction: “The Line” by T.R. Napper.

Originally published in Grimdark Magazine Issue #2.

‘This is going to hurt.’

George held the goateed man in an arm-bar, face down on the canvas. The man managed to turn his head to one side and gasp, ‘No.’

George bent down, easing the strain on the arm for a moment. Sweat rolled down his brow, from the tip of his nose onto the man’s back. He whispered, ‘Yes.’


T. R. Napper is a 2014 Writers of the Future winner. He has had fiction published in Interzone #254, Interzone #256, AMOK: an Anthology of Asia Pacific Speculative Fiction, Grimdark Magazine #2, and others. 

T. R. Napper is an aid worker, stay-at-home parent and writer. He has spent the last decade living and working throughout South East Asia. He currently resides in Hanoi, Vietnam.

His twitter account is: @DarklingEarth, and his website is:
The Line was the second story ever written by T. R. Napper. The story was inspired by an unintentionally dystopian poem by mining baron Gina Rinehart. Dubbed the ‘universe’s worst poem,’ it can be found here for the curious.


Narrator: Mark Kilfoil

Mark “the Encaffeinated ONE” Kilfoil loves fiction, so much so that he’s written some (such as the Parsec-nominated Tainted Roses), read quite a lot (a library of over a thousand half-read books and growing) and now narrates them (sometimes actually recorded for others). He’s found that volunteering for a dozen years in radio was a decent way to get a full-time job as a Program Director at a community radio station in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, but not such a great way to finish his thesis, so he stopped at a Masters in Computer Science. He can be heard frequently on, and two of his shows irregularly appear as podcasts, and can be found at (CAFFEEN!) and (The WEIRD Show, winner of a Parsec Award for “Best Infotainment”). He likes cats enough to pet them but not enough to own one, and computers enough to own several but pet none of them. He will someday write a million words, but at this rate, that will require life extension, so he eagerly awaits the ability to upload into a computer, if that hasn’t already happened and this is all only a simulation.

Interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt, by Jeremy Szal

Interview with anthology editor for Baen Books, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, by Jeremy Szal.

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