StarShipSofa No 399 Doug Souza and Y. N. Thom

August 26, 2015 by Jeremy Szal
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Fact: Science News by J J Campanella

Main Fiction: “Mountain Screamers” by Doug Souza

Originally published in Asimov’s.

I wrote “Mountain Screamers” because I wanted to see how cougars would fare in the future. I imagined they’d be marveled by society while battling extinction. I was pleasantly surprised when the characters took over the story. My grandparents—one set a pair of teachers, the other dairy owners—edged their way in, and I am grateful for this. Asimov’s was my first pro-sale.The day I got the news, I called my wife immediately—she screamed and I did made-up karate moves; we were both at work. I have several stories sold in semi-professional markets and have placed as a finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest. I can be found at:

Narrated by Jonathan Sharp

I was born in southern New Mexico in the nexus between Area 51, Trinity Site, and Spaceport America. I attended culinary school in Portland Oregon and have managed a number of restaurants, cafés, and bakeries.  By day I am the produce manager of a natural grocery store. By night I practice narration and voice acting while dreaming of a future filled with world travel via sailboat, along side my lovely wife Paige.

Short Fiction: “Close Encounter of the Worst Kind” by Y. N. Thon

Originally published in Every Day Fiction

Y.N. Thom is a writer and an internet security consultant. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University, a law degree from Vermont Law School and is an alumna of Cat Rambo’s online writing workshops. She’s hiked parts of the Great Continental Divide and enjoyed tuk-tuks rides in Bangkok. A Puerto Rican expat living in Canada, she survives the winters snuggling with her husband and two cats. When she’s not watching K-dramas you can find her socializing on Google+.

Narrated by Al Barclay

Al Barclay has worked extensively over 15 years, most notably playing opposite James McAvoy and Michael Sheen in Stephen Fry’s Bright Young Things, and with David Thewlis in Luc Besson’s The Lady. He will be in the West End at The Arts Theatre this December playing Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

He also once drank two bottles of gin with Peter O’Toole, and danced the night away in Camden with Amy Winehouse.



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