StarShipSofa No 530 Meredith Morgenstern

March 28, 2018 by Jeremy Szal
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Main Fiction: “The Stone Age Gap” by Meredith Morgenstern

This story is original to StarShipSofa

Meredith Morgenstern is the space princess identity of Meredith Lopez. She spent twenty years living in New York City until fickle circumstance forced her to move to the New Jersey suburbs, where she writes horror about being forced to live in the suburbs. She is a second-generation geek and bookworm whose parents kept her home from school to see “Return of the Jedi.” She loves reading, hates driving, and her Patronus is a rainbow unicorn. Meredith has an upcoming story in GRIEVOUS ANGEL, and has previously been published in FICTION VORTEX, GOTHIC BLUE BOOKS IV, and HOLIDAY MAGICK. She lives with her husband, two children, and probably some ghosts.

Narrated by: K.G. Anderson

K.G. Anderson is a Seattle-based writer, gardener, dancer, and cat-herder. Her speculative fiction appears in several anthologies and online at Every Day Fiction, Metaphorosis Magazine, Ares Magazine and Episode 179 of Far-Fetched Fables. Find her online at .

Fact: Science News by JJ Campanella


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