StarShipSofa No 540 Zach Chapman

June 6, 2018 by Gary Dowell
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Main Fiction: “Queenpin of the Wastes” by Zach Chapman

Originally appeared in Futuristica Vol. 2.

Zach Chapman is a movie critic, podcaster, and author. His short fiction appears in Nature, Tales to Terrify, and Writers of the Future. He also edited the anthology Time Travel Tales, which includes stories by Catherine Wells, Sean Williams, and Robert Silverberg. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his librarian wife, a cat, a laze-eyed cattle dog, and a brood of hens. Follow his publications on Twitter: @chappyzach.

Narrated by: Nikolle Doolin 

Nikolle Doolin is a voice actor and a writer of fiction, scripts, and poetry. She has performed narrations for a number of popular and award-winning podcasts, such as The NoSleep PodcastTales to Terrify, and Far Fetched Fables. She also narrates classic literature in her own podcast Audio Literature Odyssey. To learn more about Nikolle, visit her website at

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