StarShipSofa No 700 Matthew Sanborn Smith

December 1, 2022 by nick
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Main Fiction: “That Feeling You’re Feeling” by Matthew Sanborn Smith

Matthew Sanborn Smith was born and raised in New England and has spent so many years in Florida, even his Florida-born children are well into adulthood. His fiction has appeared here at StarShipSofa,, Nature, Apex Magazine, and the Drabblecast, among others. He is the keeper of the Beware the Hairy Mango podcast and its progeny. You can support his future works by way of

This story is original to StarShipSofa.

Narrated by: Anthony Babington

Anthony Babington is a voice actor who looks just slightly off from how he sounds. From his secret volcano lair in Minnesota he narrates podcasts, and leases his soul to corporate America. he can also be heard on the Tales to Terrify podcast, and has recorded for both the Far-Fetched Fables and The Cursed Inn podcasts.


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