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StarShipSofa No 493 Tracy Canfield

Main Fiction: “StarShip Down” by Tracy Canfield SUPPORT US ON PATREON! Originally published in Analog Tracy Canfield is a computational linguist whose short science fiction and fantasy has appeared in Analog, Strange Horizons, and many other magazines and anthologies. CNN called her a “Klingon scholar” when she recorded the Klingon version of the Jenolan Caves’ […]

StarShipSofa No 492 Rich Larson

Main Fiction: “Ghost Girl” by Rich Larson Originally published in War Stories Rich Larson was born in West Africa, has studied in Rhode Island and worked in Spain, and now writes from Ottawa, Canada. His short work has been featured on io9, translated into Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, French and Italian, and appears in numerous Year’s […]

StarShipSofa No 491 Allen Steele

Main Fiction “Apache Charley and the Pyramids of Hex” by Allen Steele Originally published in Bridging Infinity Allen Steele has published eighteen novels and nearly one hundred short stories. His work has received numerous accolades, including three Hugo Awards, and has been translated worldwide, mainly into languages he can’t read. He lives in western Massachusetts […]

StarShipSofa No 490 Kameron Hurley

Main Fiction: “Enyo-enyo” by Kameron Hurley Originally published in Lightspeed Magazine Kameron Hurley is the author of The Stars are Legion and the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, as well as the award-winning God’s War Trilogy and The Worldbreaker Saga. Hurley has won the Hugo Award, Kitschy Award, and Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer. […]

StarShipSofa No 489 Rachael K. Jones

Main Fiction: “Indigo Blue” by Rachael K. Jones Originally published in Shimmerr Rachael K. Jones grew up in various cities across Europe and North America, picked up (and mostly forgot) six languages, and acquired several degrees in the arts and sciences. Now she writes speculative fiction in Athens, Georgia. Contrary to the rumors, she is […]

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