How To Write Science Fiction

Learn from Grand Master Joe Haldeman

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Don’t be mistaken: this isn’t your parents’ “how to” lecture! Instead, this is a front row seat, as one of the most celebrated minds in the science fiction literary community talks about his journey in the genre. Be there as Joe shares the kind of personal advice and anecdotes you can’t find in a writers’ guide. Learn how the publishing industry has (and hasn’t) changed, and what first led Joe Haldeman to a lifelong relationship with science fiction. You won’t want to miss a minute of this intimate and insightful event.

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About Joe Haldeman

The youngest writer to be named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Joe Haldeman has earned steady awards over his 43-year career: his novels THE FOREVER WAR and FOREVER PEACE bothmade clean sweeps of the Hugo and Nebula Awards, and he has won three more Hugos and Nebulas for other novels and shorter works.

Three times he’s won the Rhysling Award for best science fiction poem of the year. In 2012 he was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. The final novel in a trilogy, EARTHBOUND, is just out (after MARSBOUND in 2008 and STARBOUND in 2009). Ridley Scott has bought the movie rights to THE FOREVER WAR.

Joe’s next novel is WORK DONE FOR HIRE. When he’s not writing or teaching – a professor at M.I.T., he has taught every fall semester since 1983 — he paints and bicycles and spends as much time as he can out under the stars as an amateur astronomer. He’s been married for 47 years to Mary Gay Potter Haldeman.

Upcoming How To Write Science Fiction Sessions

How To Write Science Fiction with Spider Robinson

January 2013

Since he began writing in 1972, Spider Robinson has won 3 Hugos, a Nebula, and numerous other international awards. His 35 books are available in 10 languages. His short work has appeared in countless magazines and anthologies. His most recent novel is VERY HARD CHOICES.

In 2006 he was chosen by the estate of Robert A. Heinlein to write VARIABLE STAR based on an outline by Mr. Heinlein. That year he was invited to the National Book Festival in Washington, where he dined with the President and First Lady and read from VARIABLE STAR on the National Mall.

Spider was born in the Bronx in 1948 and has lived in Canada since 1974. His op-ed column “The Crazy Years” appeared in The Globe and Mail from 1996-2001. He has also written and/or recorded original music with David Crosby, Todd Butler and Amos Garrett.

Spider was married for 35 years to Jeanne Robinson, a Boston-born Buddhist priest, choreographer, dancer, writer, and co-producer of a film about zero-G dance based on her and Spider’s award-winning collaborative novella “Stardance,” for which she was separately invited to the National Book Festival. She died of biliary cancer in 2010.

How To Write Science Fiction with Kim Stanley Robinson

to be announced

Kim Stanley Robinson was born in 1952 and, after travelling and working around the world, has now settled in his beloved California. He is widely regarded as the finest science fiction writer working today, noted as much for the verisimilitude of his characters as the meticulously researched hard-science basis of his work. He has won just about every major science fiction award there is to win.


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