Aural Delights No 84 David D. Levine

May 13, 2009 by StarShipSofa

Aural Delights No 84 David D. Levine

Editorial: The Sofanauts by Tony C Smith 00:10

Intro to Story: Lawrence Santoro 07:30

Flash Fiction: Then, Just a Dream by Lawerence Santoro

New Titles: Book 3 Astropolis, Many Contain Traces of Magic, The Spy Who Haunted Me 28:00

Main Fiction: Titanium Mike Saves the Day by David D. Levine 31:22

Fact: When Harry Met Faerie: The Tolkien Solution to the Rowling Problem by Amy H Sturgis 01:10:00

Narrators: Julie Davis, Lawrence Santoro

Advertisement: This podcast is brought to you by Download a free audiobook of your choice today at Time adds in show 00:00 and 28:00.


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