Aural Delights No 151 James Blish / Jason Sanford

August 31, 2010 by StarShipSofa

Coming Up This Week 00:40

Hugos: 02:20

StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2 ToC Announcment 06:00

Fact Article: The Graphic Fan by Fred Himebaugh 21:51

Interview: Jason Sanford 21:45

Main Fiction: The Ships Like Clouds, Risen by Their Rain by Jason Sanford 39.35

Fact Article: 42 by Jim Mowatt 01:27:11

Main Fictin: One Shot by James Blish 01:34:12

Narrator: Lizanne Herd, Fred Himebaugh.


Graphic Fan Links: Outsider, a webcomic by Jim Francis


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