Aural Delights No 154 Ben Bova / Jack Dann

September 14, 2010 by StarShipSofa

Sofanauts Awards

Jason Sanford Interzone

Coming Up This Week 00:48

Interview: Stephen R. Donaldson 03:50

Fact Article: Looking Back At SF History: Amy H. Sturgis 22:40

Main Fiction: The Man Who Hated Gravity by Ben Bova 38:20

Fact Article: DragonCon by Randal L. Schwartz 01:17:45

StarShipSofa Interrogations: Samuel R. Delany 01:33:45

Main Fiction: Cafe Culture by Jack Dann 02:10:30

Competition: H G Wells The Food of the Gods by Gollancz 02:31:00

Narrators: Mike Boris, Fred Himebaugh


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