Aural Delights No 157 August Derleth vrs Peter Higgins

October 6, 2010 by StarShipSofa

StarShipSofa Stories Vol 2

Coming Up This Week 01:35

Announcements: Last Month’s Then and Now Winner 02:38

Flash Fiction: Mayas World by Tristan Davenport 03:40

Interview: Geek’s Guide To Galaxy 10:36

Main Fiction: McIIvaine’s Star by August Derleth 22:40

Interview: Peter F. Hamilton The Evolutionary Void 47:10

Main Fiction. Listening For Submarines by Peter Higgins 59:40

Narrators: Christie Yant, Shane Goosey, Randal L. Schwartz


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  1. […] Episode 157 of Tony C. Smith’s StarShipSofa podcast features a short Q&A with me and John Joseph Adams about relaunching Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy over at io9. The Q&A begins at 10:36 into the episode. […]

  2. […] to “Listening For Submarines” by Peter Higgins at Aural […]