StarShipSofa No 189 Sean McMullen

May 18, 2011 by StarShipSofa

Coming Up

Interview: Writers of the Future winners 00:30

Fact:Looking Back At Genre History by Amy H. Sturgis 29:00

Main Fiction: Eight Miles by Sean McMullen 43:50

Narrator: Simon Hildebrandt


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  1. […] wasn’t Eight Miles that Hugo Nominated story that was on StarShipSofa that is Steampunkish. I thought that it is sent before metric system but Wikipedia says late 1700?s so maybe not as crazy as it sounded to me at first. The thing many of us Unitedstatians fear that if we switch to that fad metric system children will have a harder time learning fractions. Maybe we should have just stuck with cubits The were many news stories about Germans not being happy with giving up incandescent bulbs too. I had switched to mostly CFL the ones that fit in the traditional lights are very good. Some of the LED now are okay too. I did have to go out an buy an incandescent bulb when my kid had a baby duck because the CFL would not keep it warm. […]