£0.63 in the Sofa funds but I felt great!

May 3, 2013 by Tony C. Smith
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At one time we had £0.63 in the Sofa funds but I felt great!

That’s true… not long ago the Sofa funds were down to £0.63

StarShipSofa won the Hugo in 2010, part of the District of Wonders Network – things couldn’t have been better… then we hit rock bottom and it could have all gone horribly wrong!

Actually, £0.63 was not the true amount – we did have £7.63 and then I watched on UK television Comic Relief – this is a yearly charity fundraiser set up some twenty years ago by UK comedian Lenny Henry. So, I sat and watched and cried like most and decided to give. I was surprised to see just how little was in the account… £7.63. Not much to give… and certainly not much to carry on with a broadcasting network… even one that has won a Hugo:0)

But… and I’ve heard this saying many times…I ‘paid it forward’. I donated £7 to Comic Relief and knew it was the right thing to do. I did the right thing… it wasn’t much but two things happened then… First, I’d helped in my small way, helped a child or family get a little boost in life. Second, I felt good. I had helped… I felt better for it… much better… I paid it forward and the feelings I got were so much better than if I’d just hung on the the £7.

So… can you see where this is going? I’m asking you… in a small but important way…. to Pay if Forward. Keep the Sofa going!

We have so much to give and so many glorious years left to discover amazing things… but we need funding in order to survive.

Sign up for a Monthly donation with as little as £2.50. Put a smile on your face and know your are really helping first hand, to keep StarShipSofa: The Hugo Award Winning Podcast going, well into the future!

Thank you…


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