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StarShipEchoes September 25 2013 Philip Suggars

Support this podcast on Patreon This week we catch Nick Camm narrating Philip Suggars short story “Automatic Diamante”. And as you can see this episode hit the Sofa airwaves Sept 25th 2013.

StarShipEchoes Mercurio Rivera March 3rd 2010

Support us On Patreon This time it’s back to episode No 123 and we look at Snatch Me Another by Mercurio Rivera which came out March 3, 2010. So long ago but such a great story. To catch the full show click here!  

StarShipEchos July 2007 Stephen Donaldson

Support us on Patreon We are going back to StarShipSofa Originals this time. This show came out in July 2007. We are playing Stephen R. Donaldson’s story Mythological Beasts; Read by Ciaran O’Carroll Story first appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction‘s January 1979 issue.

StarShipEchoes March 25th 2008 Alastair Reynolds

Support us on Patreon A story from March 2008 Aural Delights No 17 Alastair Reynolds Main Fiction: Sledge Makers Daughter by Alastair Reynolds Narration: Diane Severson

StarShipSofa No 518 Spider Robinson

  Main Fiction: “You Don’t Know My Heart” by Spider Robinson My Favorite Shorts collection by Spider Robinson   Narrated by: Veronica Giguere Veronica Giguere (V.) is a storyteller of the spoken and written word. An audiobook narrator and science fiction author, she is the voice, producer, and one of four coauthors of The Secret […]

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