StarShipSofa No 311 Anaea Lay and Dennis M. Lane

October 30, 2013 by acpracht

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StarShipSofa Halloween Special! Two stories set on Oct. 31…

Fact: Cheapskates by Adam Pracht 08:00

Main Fiction 1: “The Visited” by Anaea Lay

Anaea Lay lives in Madison, Wisconsin where she sells Real Estate under a different name, writes, cooks, plays board games, spoils her cat, runs the Strange Horizons podcast, and plots to take over the world. Her work has appeared in places such as Lightspeed, Nightmare, Apex and Daily Science Fiction.  You can find her online at
Fact: Science News by J J Campanella 38:30
Main Fiction 2: “Aquarians on the White House Lawn” by Dennis M. Lane 59:00
Dennis M. Lane is a South Africa based writer who has seen his work gaining more of an audience over 2013. His 2012 collection of stories and poems garnered two Rhysling nominations and a Dwarf Stars nomination. He had a short story published in Dark Beauty Magazine’s Annual Steampunk issue and had a flash fiction podcast on Tales To Terrify. His first novel, Talatu, reached the dizzying heights of number 4 in the Teen Science Fiction listings on the Kobo site; and his second novel, The King’s Jewel, came out in August. As his contribution to this year’s All Hallow’s Read, Dennis has signed an agreement with the Worldreader organisation to make all of his books freely available to more than half a million readers in the developing world.

Narrator:  Veronica Giguere and Adam Von Buhler

Veronica “V.” Giguere is a voice artist and author who has appeared in a variety of audio projects and podcasts covering genres such as science fiction, erotica, fantasy, horror, romance, and steampunk. She is a coauthor of the Secret World Chronicles podcast novel series, as well as the narrator and voice for a plethora of heroes and villains therein. She has voiced spoiled supervillains, tempting demons, fierce pirates, anxious technomancers, smart-mouthed shapeshifters,
suspicious journalists, Greek goddesses, white foxlings, virus-laden robots, and a young woman facing an odd spider infestation.

Adam von Buhler is a lifelong sci-fi obsessive living in Boston.  He’s also known for his electro-rock band Anarchy Club, who have appeared in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games in the “Impossible” category.


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