StarShipSofa No 324 Karl Bunker

February 12, 2014 by acpracht

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Fiction 1: “Overtaken” by Karl Bunker 04:15

“I found you.”

The ship that said this had a mass of a few grams. It was composed of a central nodule less than a centimeter across, surrounded by kilometers-wide web constructed of sparsely distributed mononuclear wires.

In the past, Karl Bunker has been a software developer, jeweler, musical instrument maker, sculptor, mechanical technician, and a few other even-less-interesting things. He lives in a suburb of Boston, Mass., with his wife, a dog, two cats, three chickens and sundry fish.

Fiction 2: “This Quiet Dust” by Karl Bunker 28:00

If it had been human, if it had had a voice, perhaps it would have cried out. With shock, amazement, and with some fear, it might have made a sound, trembled, widened its eyes, quickened its heartbeat. In its own way, it did all those things. And it watched; shocked and amazed and afraid, it watched the object descend out of the sky.

Narrators: Alex Foster and Trendane Sparks

Alex Foster is a teacher of French and German who lives in Nottingham, England. He has also worked in British and European politics and adult education. He has two SF releases on and you can find older works for free at including a full-length reading of H G Well’s Invisible Man. He blogs, mainly about about education and food, at


Born in 1970, Tren witnessed the birth of modern science fiction and fantasy. Weaned on droids and dragons, cartoons and commercials, voice-over work was always in the forefront of his mind. Whether a bombastic log entry from the captain of a long-derelict star freighter or the molten obsidian rumble of and ancient drake, voice work brings a level of joy not readily found in any of his other jobs.

The worst (and most emasculating) thing which ever happened to him was the day he was to interview Jane Lindskold at a convention and discovered that he had completely lost his voice. PRO TIP: Don’t sleep in a car in the parking lot in January.


  1. Two of the very best stories every to grace SSS, I loved them both. Can we have more from Karl please Tony?

  2. The quiet dust was amazing. It made me think of “Grendel,” and the discussion with the dragon about dust. Wonderful story.

  3. This could probably be arranged…

  4. I found you is a great story and the narration was fantastic!! Just fantastic!!